The last entry for my camel…

I know you never could read this entry. And for sure I’m also know that we wouldn’t or exactly, couldn’t contact to each other again.

And even how much that girl insulted me, I can sit down under all. And even I couldn’t ever touch you, I just wanna you know that: You are always my BF, always in my heart until we die, even after dying like you told me!

Thanks for your wonderful friendship which made me be happier and stronger in my hard life.

Thanks for your help, although it was your wish and I never wanted to use you. 

I know which and whom you choose now, then live happily with ur decision. If you’re happy, pls believe I’m happy too.

I lost many people whom I love and now I lost you- my great friend. I don’t want to debate anymore coz I know it just makes you hurt. And me too… What we give then what we get.

You’re right. God chooses the way which he thinks right for us.

I will try to keep smile on my face and pray for you all my time life.

And I will try not to cry whenever I think about you.

Farewell… maybe forever…

Insa Allah my S!

Ur Nu Map
HCMC, 19 Sept, 2012


"Forever and one
I will miss you
Yet again
…Way down in Neverland…"