Born this way!


Ya, I was born this way- the way that I ‘ve ever hated….

Again, I’m in big troubles about every fields of life: job, money, emotion…. Everything‘s too confused and stupid. Eveything’s so difficult.

But I found myself in a dilemma, I must choose just one: either get a new job and live that busy life or wait for a long time to solve completely my biggest obstinate trouble that has been influencing my past, my thoughts, my future even all my life! I know I‘ll be free if I can get rid of that trouble. I’ll be so happy and positive if I can live by the way I choose. But noone can understand that I must choose. Noone!

If only noone cared me, I could support myself by my way. If only noone forced invisible pressure on me, I wouldn’t feel hurt like that.

Moreover, I don’t wanna tell anything to anyone. I don’t wanna receive the empathy or commiseration. Coz I’m sure they can’t feel what I feel, never they can….

She asked me: “So, do you know that it requires an extreme perseverance?”– And I said: “Yes, I know!”

Then if I was born this way, I will live this way.

Face to face without regrets and tears.

Just let me live and try by myself.

God bless me.Pls!